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El genocidi bòer

Interessant treball de recerca d'un alumne de primer de batxillerat sobre el genocidi bòer, el podeu llegir clicant aquí
Què és un bòer? 

Els afrikaners o bòer (també anomenats bòers, afrikaanders, afrikaaners,burghers o holandesos del Cap) són un grup ètnic d'origen germànic assentatsen els territoris de Sud-àfricai de Namíbia. Històricament, la identitat d'aquest poble ha pivotat sobre dos elements fonamentals: la llengua afrikaans, derivada del neerlandès, i la religió calvinista

Dins el treball podreu veure una entrevista a Henrik Holappa en català. A continuació la presento en anglès, l'idioma en que es va realitzar:

1. Could you briefly tell me how was your childhood and if you had aproblems with the authorities ?
I grew up in a Northern-Finnish city called Oulu. My childhood was happy.When I got to be 15 years of age, I started to get interested in the 2nd WorldWar and history, as well as political themes. After my mandatory military service(2004-2005) I was involved with the Finnish populist party the "True Finns", but Iresigned from the party because of its liberal views of nationalism. In June2005, a group of Black Africans kidnapped, and gang-raped a 30 year oldwoman in Oulu in a horrible way that made me to protest the rape in my article"Multiculturalism - an Impossible Vision". The Finnish Secret Police (SUPO)detained me in August 2006 and questioned me about the article. Later inJanuary 2007, I was arrested again about my views expressed in articles anddiscussion forums. In May 2008, the police in Oulu informed me that I wascharged with "violation of freedom of speech", that could have given me total of4 years imprisonment.
2. His life was marked by revelations made on the Internet. What are theserevelations? Where  did the information  get   published?
---- The information was released on separate Internet websites, and in aGerman magazine called "Deutschland in Geschichte und Gegenwart". Themagazine's publisher, Wigbert Grabert, was sentenced to 3 months probation
and the fines of 3,000€ for publishing my article.
3. As a result sought exile in the United States, a country where anypolitician afraid to find shelter. How was it received? He had a problemwith the authorities?
I was detained in America and sent to prison in Batavia, New York, where Ispent 87 days in the special housing unit. I was allegedly arrested by the ICE(Immigration and Custom Enforcement) based on the suspicion of visa violation.The FBI told me while I was in prison that I was arrested because of my politicalthoughts. I have given a detailed information about my time in America and inprison in my E-book "Wrongfully Accused - Three-Hundred and Twenty-Eight
Days in America" that can be purchased for 1,5€ at my off 
icial website for thebook:http://www.henrikholappa.com
4. My school work is related to the Boer genocide, and I discovered thatno organization that protects minorities cares for them. Could it bebecause it are European people?
The Swedish Resistance Movement organized a demonstration against theBoer genocide in South-Africa in Stockholm on April 17, 2010. Thedemonstration received a large attention by the public - in Sweden and South-Africa - and elsewhere. However, the Swedish Resistance Movement havebeen the only organization that have come a step ahead with this pressingsubject. I also briefly touched the subject in my interview with an Americanpolitician and author Dr. David Duke. However, the world's community do notpay attention so easily on genocide that is directed against the white people ofSouth-Africa, because the media has trumped for years about the evilness ofSouth-African apartheid system. There are, however, people that are awakingup to the issue and hopefully the South-African whites will get help and thegenocide can be stopped. Just after the fall of the apartheid government ofSouth-Africa 50,000 whites have been killed by the Black inhabitants of thecountry.  That  is  certainly s  hocking!
5. If you had to give a message to young Europeans, what would it be?
I would ask the young Europeans to stay true and loyal to their ideas andthoughts they might have. I have personally gone through times when I havedecided to stand behind my thoughts and have gotten to be persecuted. Butonce you decide to fight for those ideas you consider the highest, no one caneventually stop you. ALso, I would suggest the young Europeans to live healthylives, having children, education and work. Times are changing, and the newgeneration of leaders of countries must step forward. Most of all, I wish the best for all and staying legal and true!
 Thanks for the interview. 
Henrik  Holappa

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Un exemple recent de la violència racista que pateixen els boers, i els sudafricans d'origen europeu en general, on una noia va ser cremada viva al decurs d'un ritual satànic per una colla de negres:


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interessant de saber, gràcies Taranis

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